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11th Nov 2018

Michael D. Higgins to be inaugurated for a second presidency term this evening

Olivia Hayes

The Presidential Inauguration of Michael D. Higgins will take place tonight.

Miggeldy will be inaugurated for a second time this evening after he won the majority of votes in the presidential election last month.

After his 7-year term of presidency ended last night (so do we *technically* not have a president right now?!), he will commence his second term following the traditional inauguration ceremony at Dublin Castle which will see Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and representatives of all the political parties in attendance.

At the end of October, after his re-election was confirmed, he said in his acceptance speech: “The people have made a choice as to which version of Irishness they want reflected at home and abroad.

“It is the making of hope they wish to share rather than the experience of any exploitation of division or fear.

“The presidency belongs not only to any one person but to the people of Ireland.

“I will be a president for all the people, for those who voted for me and those who did not.

“I am so proud of this country, I am proud to be a president for all of you and with all of you, and I look forward with joy and hope to all that we will achieve together.”