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28th Mar 2018

Metro Hotel tenants affected by the fire are offered student accommodation at a cost

People are not happy.

Denise Curtin

People are not happy.

Tenants who have been affected by the Metro Hotel fire, which saw various floors of the Metro Hotel located in Ballymun go up in a blaze, have been advised to find temporary accommodation in a nearby student village.

Many tenants lost everything in the fire, from furniture to valuable possessions and clothing, and now find themselves scrambling to seek housing and find the requested money to pay for it.

In a letter sent out yesterday, tenants were told they could avail of temporary accommodation from today (March 28) until May. However, they were told they must pay the entire price of their stay plus a €150 security deposit, which many people feel is extremely unfair.

One of these people is Dublin City Councillor, Noeleen Reilly who was not impressed by the lack of help and support for these victims from the Government.

Taking to Twitter she said:

“Imagine your home goes up in flames & that of your 29 neighbours and you lose everything. Imagine the Gov of that Country offering no help at all, not even visting you to see where you ok, now being told that you need to find €205 a week to rent a student apartment. Ireland 2018.”

Feature image credit – Caroline Quinn