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11th Mar 2019

Met Éireann say we’re going to have the worst weather yet later today

Olivia Hayes

It sounds like it’s going to be rough, tbh.

Thick frost and icy patches have covered the country’s roads (and cars) this morning, as we had freezing temperatures overnight, however, it’s not looking too good later on with rain, thunder and lightning heading our way.

Met Éireann said that while we’ll experience some wintry shows today, the worst is going to hit tonight.

According to the weather forecaster: “Many places dry and bright at first this morning, although a few residual showers, some wintry, continuing to affect parts of the west and north.

“Frost and icy patches will gradually clear, as cloud thickens from the Atlantic with rain spreading from the west through the later afternoon and evening in strengthening southerly winds. Afternoon highs of 6 to 10 degrees.”

And for tonight: “Heavy rain, with a risk of spot flooding, and strong winds at first tonight, will gradually give way to showers overnight, some heavy with a risk of hail and thunder.

“Strong and gusty southerly winds, possibly squally for a time, will veer southwest with the passage of the rain and moderate. Mild for a time tonight but temperatures will fall to between 1 and 4 degrees around dawn.”

The outlook for the week is “unsettled” and “disruptive” so we’re really not looking forward to it.