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24th May 2023

Police searching for ‘missing girl’s pink pyjamas’ in Portugal reservoir

Madeleine McCann went missing in 2007.

Police in Portugal are searching a reservoir for pajamas belonging to missing girl Madeleine McCann.

According to The Sun, the search, which started on Tuesday morning, is being taken very seriously.

A source said, “The search is being taken very seriously and is being controlled totally by the Germans.”

“They asked Portuguese officers assisting them to look for any evidence – but especially rags,” they continued.

Investigators are focusing on finding the pajamas Madeleine was wearing on the night she disappeared.

Madeleine McCann was wearing pink pajamas with Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh printed on them on the night she went missing.

Police launched the reservoir search following numerous tip-offs.

Police also discovered photos of the reservoir in suspect Christian Brueckner’s home.

Officers have never charged Christian Brueckner with her disappearance or murder but stressed that he is under investigation.

Brueckner, a convicted sex offender, is currently in prison in Germany after committing rape in 2005.

Officers believe prime suspect Christian Brueckner visited the area frequently. According to The Mirror, he used to call it his “little paradise”.

Police believe Brueckner kidnapped Madeleine McCann in May 2007. They also fear he murdered the young girl and do not expect to find her alive.

Brueckner has denied the police’s claims.


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