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13th Sep 2018

Love Island Aus finalist Erin claims Eden ‘tried to kill us’ in heated radio exchange

Orlaith Condon

They were together from the very beginning.

Whether you watched Love Island Australia or not, chances are you’ll recognise fan-favourite Erin thanks to her brutally-honest opinions and amazing facial expressions that made for GIF gold.

Erin partnered up with Eden on the very first episode and the pair were inseparable for the entire series.

Finishing up in second place, viewers had high hopes the couple would go the distance, however, two weeks ago the pair announced they had split but would remain friends.

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Well, looks like friends is off the cards now after Eden claimed that “numerous cheating rumours” led to their breakup.

“We had messages from strangers saying different things and that was a bit of a strain on the relationship,” Eden said in an interview with the Kyle and Jackie O Show.

“If I ever did a nightclub appearance or anything, a girl would message [Erin] and say, ‘Eden was playing up’, or, ‘Eden was getting rowdy with these girls’.”

However, what Eden probably didn’t bank on was the fact that Erin was listening to the live interview and actually called into the show as her ex was leaving the building.

“He is a liar,” she told the hosts and followers on Instagram.

“And the fact that he has gone to the radio and has said lies blows my mind because he knows that I’ve got evidence, and if he wants me to come out and full show everyone then I will do that.”

Erin went on to accuse Eden of having “violent tendencies” and claimed he tried to “kill us both in the car”.

“The real reason we broke up is because Eden has violent tendencies and he got very aggressive to me the day after we finished Love Island in Spain and there is something else who can vouch for me for this.

“So, he got very, very up in my face violent … and he got very aggressive in the car and I said I didn’t want to be with him and he tried to kill us both in the car, swerving side-to-side, all out of lanes into other cars.”

Erin went on to say that she had evidence that Eden also cheated on her.

Eden has since responded to Erin’s claims on his Instagram stories, saying:

“There are two sides to every story. Nothing like a woman scorned.”

The pair announced the had broken up back on September 2 saying that “after much deliberation, we have quietly partly ways.”