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30th Mar 2019

Lidl is selling noise cancelling headphones for kids next week

Melissa Carton

Next week Lidl will be stocking a range of sensory products.

The range will arrive on Tuesday, April 2, just in time for World Autism Day.

Among the products will be noise cancelling headphones especially for young children.

Sensory products are products that can help a particular sensory input. Whether it be visual or tactile, it can help improve focus and concentration levels for children with Autism.

World Autism Awareness Day is an internationally recognised day dedicated to raising awareness about people with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Lidl’s ear defenders priced at €12.99 will be available in stores next week. The ear defenders can be used in a variety of settings to protect your child’s hearing or help calm them if disturbed in noisy environments.

Environments like shopping centres and supermarkets can cause sensory overload for children with autism, so ear protection like this is a great idea.

Lidl will also be stocking other sensory products for both children and adults including a LED Projection Night Light and the Melinera Illuminated Salt Crystal Ball Lamp.

Lidl stores nationwide run regular Autism Aware Quiet Evenings every Tuesday between 6pm and 8pm. During these hours the stores have reduced lighting and noise reduction in place to help those with sensory conditions.