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11th Sep 2018

Leo Varadkar says he is ‘disgusted’ by CervicalCheck review leak

Jade Hayden


Leo Varadkar said he is “disgusted” by the CervicalCheck review leak.

The Taoiseach said today that he was “appalled” that some information relating to the CervicalCheck controversy was leaked to the media, stating that the Scally Review was “not a scoop.”

The review contained recommendations by Dr Gabriel Scally and is set to be presented to Cabinet on Wednesday. It is expected to state that a commission of investigation into the scandal does not need to occur.

RTE reports that Varadkar said: “This is not a normal story, this is not a scoop.”

Speaking in Donegal today, he said:

“This is a very sensitive issue that affects some women who are very ill and a lot of families who are grieving – and this is something I am appalled to find out has happened.

“It’s really disgusting what has happened today, notwithstanding I would ask people to defer reacting to the report until it has been published and they have an opportunity to study it.”

Varadkar added that the entire review had not been leaked, but that “one aspect has been.”

He said that people needed to read the review for themselves to “understand” why Dr Scally thinks it might not be necessary to hold a commission.

This came after those directly affected by the CervicalCheck scandal expressed disappointment and upset at the details of the leaked information.

Patient representative Lorraine Walsh said that the group was “emotionally charged.”

Speaking on Morning Ireland, she said:

 “To wake up this morning and to see news of it all over the papers, it’s just heartbreaking.

“It’s just so disappointing that throughout this whole experience the main information source that we have is the media.”

Minister for Health Simon Harris said today that he still plans to set up a commission of investigation into the CervicalCheck controversy.