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25th May 2020

Leaving Cert 2020: Calculated grade student portal to open tomorrow

The Leaving Cert has had to change this year.

The Leaving Cert was cancelled this year due to the Covid-19 outbreak and the subsequent closure of all schools across the country.

A calculated grading system has been set up in its place whereby calculated grades will be generated using a systematic statistical model.

It will combine estimates of a student’s expected performance in a subject and level, with information about how students in this school have fared in this subject in recent years in line with national performance standards over time.

Students who do not want to be assessed in this way will have the option of sitting the Leaving Cert next year instead.

For those who have chosen to use the calculated grading system the portal will open tomorrow morning, Tuesday May 26, at 9am.

Students will need to complete the registration process and confirm their subject levels.

According to

“The first source of data will be provided by the subject teacher. It will then be aligned in the school, with teachers reflecting on and considering the marks to ensure that the process is correctly applied.

“The principal then reviews to assure that the process was correctly applied and that all students were treated fairly. The school then sends the data to the Department of Education and Skills.”

60,000 students were due to sit the Leaving Cert in June.

Upon cancelling the exams earlier this month, Minister McHugh said: “We all know the Leaving Certificate can be a stressful time.

“Some students have parents working on the frontline, others are anxious about families and some are grieving.

“My desire had been to allow students to undertake the written and practical examinations July and August but I have compelling evidence, based on medical advice and other assessments, that the Leaving Certificate examinations cannot be held in a reliable and valid manner, nor in way that would be equitable for students.”

More information on Leaving Cert 2020 is available from or via your child’s school.