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24th Mar 2017

Italian court acquits man of rape because the woman didn’t scream

Officials are being urged to look into the case.

A man in Italy was acquitted of rape last month based on the fact that the woman in question ‘did not scream’ or ask for help.

Italian news agency ANSA reports that the Justice Minister Andrea Orlando has called on inspectors to begin checking the case.

The court ruled that the woman saying the word ‘enough!’ to her colleague, who allegedly raped her, constituted too weak a reaction to prove any sexual assault took place.

Forza Italia MP Annagrazia Calabria has slammed the ruling saying, “Certainly, you cannot punish the personal reaction of a woman terrified by what is happening to her.”

The center-right politician also took to her twitter account to air her concerns, calling the ruling ‘absurd’ and saying ‘pain is not measured by cries’.