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13th Apr 2017

An Irish travel agent is offering a once-in-a-lifetime astronaut experience

Ever dreamed of experiencing what life is like in zero gravity?

Well hold on to your lunch because one Irish travel agent is offering space enthusiasts the unique opportunity to follow in the footsteps of their heroes by signing up for a a 90-minute flight during which wannabe astronauts get to float freely in a state of complete weightlessness.

Cork’s J Barter Travel have launched the S3 ZeroG Experience, with dates available in Spain, Croatia and Portugal, making it more accessible to Irish thrill seekers.

So how exactly does it work? Here’s the science bit, according to the folks at S3 ZeroG:

In the absence of gravitational pull, which is the natural force of attraction exerted on us by the Earth, the body feels completely free of any sensation of weight. This state of weightlessness is known as zero gravity. It can be achieved by going into space, or through the somewhat easier option of enjoying an S3 ZeroG Experience.

Our modified plane gives everyone the chance to freely float like an astronaut and live out the ultimate experience of zero gravity. 15 parabolas, each providing between 20 and 25 seconds of weightlessness, are performed in the course of a 90 minutes flight.

Each flight is supervised by space professionals and a crew of qualified personnel. The bad news is, it ain’t cheap.

There are three options available: the VIP Zone (POA) can host up to 12 participants who will each receive an S3 ZeroG Exclusive Swiss Timepiece​ and bring home their S3 Flight Suit, while the Premium Zone (€7,500), which can host 28 participants, includes special activities such as playing with liquids and balloons. Those passengers take home the watch and flight suit too.

The most affordable options is the Party Zone (€2,700), which caters for up to 40 participants.

Sadly this will remain a dream for most of us, but if you’ve got the cash and you’re determined to tick space travel off your bucket list, you can check out the next available dates here.