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04th Apr 2017

An Irish girl was allegedly raped in Italy while her boyfriend slept beside her

An investigation has been launched in Italy.

An investigation has been launched after an Irish girl claimed that she was raped in a hotel room while her boyfriend slept beside her.

The 18-year-old woman was visiting the Italian region of Turin on March 25th and March 26th as part of an Irish festival in the area.

According to The Independent, after a day out celebrating with friends she went back to a hotel, the Tulip Inn Hotel in Moncalieri, with her boyfriend and a group of people they had just met.

They were all asleep in the room when she reportedly woke up to one of the men, from the group they had met, sexually assaulting her.

She reported the incident to the police the next day and a 22-year-old student was brought in for questioning. He has said that he was sleepwalking at the time and was released on bail while further investigations continue.