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08th Oct 2017

Ireland becomes first European country to cancel passports of paedophiles

A four-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee is spearheading the campaign.
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A four-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee and Irish missionary priest is spearheading the campaign.

Father Shay Cullen has devoted his life to rescuing street children in the Philippines, having set up there since 1974.

This week he stated that tourists – both Irish and international – are heading there to abuse the children.

Cullen said (via The Irish Times) that: “The whole moral fabric of society and protection of human rights and the dignity of women and children is breaking down. One thing right now I would say to any government is to pass a law that would ban all convicted sex offenders from travelling abroad. That would be a very good thing they could do.”

Earlier in 2017, Australia became the first country in the world introduce strict legislation against sex offenders who are attempting to leave the country, and Ireland could soon be following suit.

According to a reporter by the Irish Examiner, “Ireland looks set to follow with draft legislation expected to be introduced later this month, which would pave the way for this country becoming the first European nation to make it illegal for convicted paedophiles to travel overseas.”