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01st Nov 2016

The iPhone 8 could have the one charging feature that would end all our woes

Conor Heneghan


It’s barely been a wet week since Apple unveiled the iPhone 7, but given how impatient we are and how fast technology moves these days, it’s probably no surprise that there’s already anticipation about the newest model to arrive next year.

Rumours are already doing the rounds about what we can look forward to when the iPhone 8 arrives in 2017 and the biggest one surrounds the possibility that users will be able to charge it wirelessly.

Wireless charging isn’t exactly a new concept – owners of Samsung phones, for example, will be well familiar with it – but a report from the Nikkei Asian Review suggests that Apple are about to finally embrace it.

Clip via Samsung Newsroom

The report quotes an industry source who says that Foxconn Technology Group is making wireless charging modules to go with the iPhone’s 10th anniversary range due for release next year.

Whether or not it is eventually incorporated into the iPhone will depend on the yield rate, which measures the number of satisfactory units in the production of a batch of components.

With loads of time to wait until what will be a big release for iPhone on its 10th anniversary next year, confirmation of whether or not there’ll be wireless charging likely won’t arrive for some time yet.

The fact that it’s even being talked, however, is cause for optimism amongst iPhone users sick of sights like this…