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01st Mar 2018

Heartbreak as ‘defenceless’ dog found dead in snow in Dublin

'I'm just saddened and disgusted.'
Grab the sliced pan - looks like we're in for another big snow this winter

People are being asked once again to make sure their pets are indoors after a dog has been found dead in the snow in Dublin.

It was discovered in Tallaght by a passerby late yesterday evening.

It’s not clear how the dog died but it’s thought that he or she perished in yesterday’s freezing conditions.

An image supplied to Dublin Live shows the animal buried under snow.

Local woman Tammy Cosgrove came across it on her way home yesterday.

“I’m just saddened and disgusted after finding a little defenceless animal lying there,” she told the publication.

It’s not known whether the dog had an owner or if he or she was a stray.

The ISCPA issued a fresh call to the public this morning urging them to mind their pets in light of the blizzard conditions.

When you do eventually bring your pets back outside when it’s safer do so later in the week, there are a number of things to looks out for.

Salt and de-icing chemicals can be sore on their foot pads while antifreeze can be toxic if they eat it.

It’s also important to keep dogs off frozen ponds or lakes as the ice could crack under their weight.

See the ISPCA’s full advice here.