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04th Aug 2023

Harry Potter publisher killed after speedboat collided with large tourist boat

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The boat she was on collided with a large tourist boat carrying a wedding party

Harry Potter publisher Adrienne Vaughan has died in a boating accident.

The 45-year-old, who is president of Bloomsbury USA, was killed in a speedboat accident on the Amalfi coast while her husband and two children were on board.

Vaughan was on holiday with her husband, Mike, and children, Leanna, 14, and Mason, 11.

The family chartered a boat Thursday evening and collided with a large tourist boat, carrying 85 people celebrating a wedding, around 6.30 pm.

According to reports, Vaughan was forced into the water and came into contact with the boat’s propellers.

Emergency services including a helicopter and ambulances rushed to the scene near to Fiordo di Furore, but Vaughan was pronounced dead at the scene.

Mike also fell into the water and suffered serious injuries to his limbs.

The boat’s skipper was also injured and taken to hospital, along with Mike, in Castiglione di Ravello.

Vaughan’s children were not injured, but are in shock.

An investigation has been launched by the Amalfi Port Authority. It is not just clear how the two vessels collided.

Two days earlier the family had visited Tome and taken pictures at Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum.

Vaughan was made US president of the British publishing house in 2021. It has published all seven of the Harry Potter books.

She had been involved in famous projects throughout her career, including the ground-breaking Harry Potter series.

From 2015 to 2018 she worked for the Disney publishing group.