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10th Dec 2021

Gyms see massive cancellation figures from unvaccinated users

They have seen a big drop.

Irish gyms have experienced widespread cancellations of memberships from unvaccinated members after Covid certs were introduced to the industry.

With new Covid-19 restrictions in place, members now need to show a vaccination cert when entering any gyms, leisure centres and hotels, as well as bars and restaurants.

It now has been reported by The Irish Times that gyms across the country are seeing cancellations as unvaccinated people can no longer use the facilities.

“[Staff] are finding members coming in and saying ‘I am not vaccinated, so I can’t use it, so I want to either cancel or suspend membership’,” Karl Dunne, chief executive of the Leisure, Health and Fitness Association, told the publication.

“It’s quite common across all our members, who have come back to us that they are receiving hassle from a certain cohort.”

He added that one gym, in particular, saw over 100 people cancel their membership, with the association now expecting membership rates to decline by up to 40% in January, a month many people take out a new membership.

It is now seeking financial support from the Government which includes a grant for heating swimming pools as their use has also declined.

This is not the only industry to see changes being made due to new restrictions being put in place for Christmas, the events industry has also seen a blow as they now must cut the capacity of venues in half, with many shows now either rescheduling or refunding tickets.