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08th Dec 2021

Grandmother of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes was banned from seeing her grandson

Kat O'Connor

“He had lost the sparkle in his eyes.”

The grandmother of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes has opened up about her late grandson.

His grandmother Madeleine Halcrow said he was “the happiest child”.

She explained that she last saw Arthur on her birthday in October 2019. Madeleine told Good Morning Britain that Arthur was adorable.

Madeleine shared, “He was my daughter’s baby bear and my sunny delight. He was gentle, caring, compassionate. But he had lost the sparkle in his eyes, if that makes sense.

“His dad came to pick him up and he said to his dad ‘Is she in the car?’ and he said yes and Arthur started to cry, which isn’t like Arthur.

“He said: ‘Grandma, can I stay with you?’”

She said his father banned her from seeing Arthur. He wasn’t even allowed to receive letters from his mother, who is in prison.

She didn’t see her grandson until he was in intensive care.

The grandmother said, “Life should mean life,” following the sentencing of Tustin and Hughes.

“There was no remorse, no sympathy shown. [They are] absolutely depraved, sadistic, torturous, evil calculated people… they will burn in hell.”

Emma Tustin was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 29 years after she was found guilty of murder.

Thomas Hughes was convicted of manslaughter, but he will serve just 21 years.

The British government is now considering mandatory whole life sentences for anyone guilty of murdering a child.