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04th Feb 2017

A gin shortage crisis has thankfully, been narrowly averted


A juniper berry crisis has just occurred, and we were none the wiser. Thankfully. 

Juniper crops were blighted with a fungul disease, which horticulturalists thought could signal the end to our beloved G&T drinks. Forever…. Gasp.

According to The Telegraph an urgent seed collection project of the berries means that they can be cultivated, providing an insurance policy to the plant. It will not cure the disease, but will help conserve and protect the berries from going extinct.

And we would NOT want that.

The berries take two years to mature and are the essential component in giving gin it’s unique mouth-watering flavour. So you can relax now in the knowledge that the spirit will always be around for those sneaky G&T’s after the kids are gone to bed. (not just me, right?!).