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17th Aug 2022

Are we getting a mini heatwave in September?

September is expected to be hotter than normal.

The sun may have set on our August heatwave, and while the weather’s been grey and cloudy of late, it doesn’t necessarily mean that autumn is just around the corner.

According to Met Éireann, current indications suggest that September will be warmer and drier than average, so maybe don’t put the factor 50 away just yet.

Between 26 August and 1 September, high pressure will return to Ireland, bringing “more settled” weather, as well as “drier than normal conditions in all areas”. Temperatures will also rise slightly.

The following week (2 September – 8 September) we’ll see “more changeable” weather, due to the arrival of low pressure once more. Temperatures, however, will remain above average for September, though we can also expect “above normal precipitation” in most areas.

Temperatures will continue to be slightly above the norm come mid September, but it’s also set to be “unsettled” and with plenty of rain. In fact, Met Éireann has said that some “rainfall warnings” may be required.

So while we’re not exactly getting a heatwave next month, we can still expect plenty of warm weather.

Earlier this week, parts of Ireland were battered by thunderstorms, with Co. Wexford experiencing severe flood damage in parts.

Tomorrow will get off to a “dull and damp start”, with outbreaks of rain and drizzle throughout the day, which may get heavy in the south and southeast. These showers are expected to clear as the day goes on, with sunny spells forming in the evening. Highest temperatures will be between 17 and 21 degrees.

On Friday, we can expect some “good sunny spells” as well as some “scattered showers”, which will become more frequent in the north of the country. Highest temperatures will be between 15 and 18 degrees.

For the full weather forecast, head to Met Éireann’s website right here.

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