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14th Dec 2017

Gardaí issue warning about ‘high quality’ FAKE €50 notes

THIS is how to tell them apart

Olivia Hayes

Be on the look out.

Gardaí are warning the public that fake €5 notes are circulating.

According to a news report, the counterfeit money has hit North Cork, with Charleville and Rathmore being the latest areas hit over the past couple of weeks.

A Garda spokesman told the Corkman: “Three people, two males and a female, were arrested during the raid and taken to a station in County Tipperary for questioning as part of the ongoing investigation into the possession and use of forged €50 notes.”

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The spokesperson then noted how you can tell the difference of a fake and real note.

“The only obvious difference in them is the brown rectangle next to the large number 50. In genuine notes this should feel ridged to the touch, but does not on the faked ones.”

Gardaí are asking anyone who has come across these fake notes to report them immediately.