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18th Aug 2016

Flood destroys home of man who said gays were responsible for floods

We're starting to believe in karma after this.

Megan Roantree

The sweet irony of it all.

The Louisiana flooding has been devastating to tens of thousands of homes. And while the situation is absolutely tragic, one piece of news has brought a (guilty) smile to a lot of people’s faces.

Tony Perkins, president of the anti-gay Christian group Family Research Council, had previously said that the 2005 Hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans because God wanted to stop a Gay Pride parade.

He also recently made headlines for promoting anti-gay conversion therapy, and even compared same-sex marriage to man-horse marriage.

Well, it turns out Perkins’ own home was destroyed in the Louisiana floods, describing the damage as of a “biblical proportion”, according to Metro.

Speaking as a guest on his own radio show, Perkins explains that he had to leave his home in a canoe due to the damage, and said it was unlike anything he had ever seen before.

He shared pictures of the damage on his Facebook page.

Many people who commented on the post, were quick to point out his previous anti-LGBT statements.

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While we don’t wish bad things on anyone, and truly do hope that everyone involved in the flooding is safe, we can’t help but believe in karma after hearing this.