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07th Oct 2014

First Bendgate, Now It’s ‘Hairgate’! iPhone 6 Hit By Claims That It Rips Out Chunks Of People’s Hair

The seam of the handset has been blamed for the issue.


The iPhone 6 hasn’t had the best launch and now it’s been hit by another controversy, with users claiming that it is ripping out their hair.

The latest scandal has been branded ‘hairgate’, with several people taking to Twitter to complain that the ridge between the aluminium and the glass at the side of their new handsets pulled on their beards or hair when they made a call.

While it may be a serious problem for some, the complaints have sparked a hilarious trend of people posting Photoshopped images to the social network advertising the phone’s hair removal skills.

iphoen 66 40 year old hair

However, experts have dismissed the concerns, saying that the bevelled edge is too thin to catch a human hair.