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04th Jul 2017

Fired Vogue fashion director crucifies magazine in candid interview

'The magazine is irrelevant now'.

Lucinda Chambers worked at British Vogue for 36 years before she was suddenly fired.

Now, the former fashion director is revealing what really went on behind the scenes at the fashion magazine.

Apparently leaving in May of this year, Lucinda has given her first interview since then and it’s pretty honest.

“A month and a half ago I was fired from Vogue,” she told fashion blog, Vestoj. “It took them three minutes to do it.”

“No one in the building knew it was going to happen. The management and the editor I’ve worked with for twenty-five years had no idea. Nor did HR.

“Even the chairman told me he didn’t know it was going to happen. No one knew, except the man who did it – the new editor [Edward Enninful].”

Since leaving the magazine, Lucinda has admitted that she hasn’t read the magazine in years and says it has “lost the authority they once had”.

Calling the magazine “irrelevant”, Lucinda says the pressure to succeed in the fashion industry has become overwhelming.

“You’re not allowed to fail in fashion – especially in this age of social media, when everything is about leading a successful, amazing life.

“Nobody today is allowed to fail, instead the prospect causes anxiety and terror.”

The interview has also received huge praise from people on Twitter.