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19th Sep 2019

Facebook fundraisers have raised over €1.8 billion worldwide, figures show

Keeley Ryan

Facebook fundraisers have raised over €1.8 billion worldwide for non-profit and personal causes, according to the latest data from the social media platform.

And in Facebook’s own fifteenth birthday year, more people than ever before now use their birthday to champion causes they care about – with over half the money raised donated through Facebook’s birthday tool.

More than 45 million people worldwide have donated to, or created, a fundraiser on Facebook since the launch of Facebook’s fundraising tools in 2015 – double the amount reported in November last year.

The data highlights a growing trend for philanthropic gift-giving, as people take to social media to help raise awareness and make an impact in their communities.

The Irish Cancer Society, in particular, has received incredible support from the Irish public, raising €1.3 million in funds, since it launched on the platform in 2018.

Other successful charity fundraisers include the likes of Pieta House.

People can also create their own fundraisers for non-profits or personal causes, or use the donate button to pledge their support.

Robert Saunders, Digital Services Manager, Irish Cancer Society, said:

“Since the functionality was launched in 2018, the Irish Cancer Society has raised a phenomenal €1.3 million through Facebook fundraising.

“Because the Society receives just 3 per cent of its total funding from the State, we rely on the support of the Irish public to carry out our mission to improve the lives of cancer patients and fund life-saving cancer research.

“Thanks to funds raised through Facebook, we delivered support and care services to over 1.2 million people across Ireland last year, as well as funded over 150 cancer researchers working tirelessly to find new and better cancer treatments that will save more lives.”

Gareth Lambe, Head of Facebook, Ireland, said it was “incredible” to see the Facebook community mobilise around the causes.

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He added:

“Birthday donations now sit at the very heart of that activity and it’s heartening to see a growing trend for celebrating in a more meaningful way.

“Over the past few years, Facebook has become a really powerful tool for fundraising, helping organisations like the Irish Cancer Society and Pieta House, along with a host of others that benefit from people’s generosity.”

Speaking about fundraising on Facebook, Pieta House expressed its gratitude to all fundraisers and donors and said:

“Facebook fundraisers works for Pieta House because it helps us to raise awareness of suicide and self-harm.

“In 2018, the funds raised helped us to provide free, one to one counselling services to more than 8,000 clients in crisis.

“Those that have contributed through Facebook fundraisers have helped change the lives of those in suicidal distress.”

Three simple ways to champion the causes you care about most

Whether you’re a non-profit, business, or Facebook user, you can support the causes you care about in just a few simple clicks.

  1. Set up a Facebook fundraiser – Create a fundraiser for a non-profit or personal cause on Facebook by using the “Fundraisers” tool in the left menu of your News Feed. Be sure to use an eye-catching cover photo that illustrates the purpose of your cause so it catches people’s attention right away. Descriptions should explain what the cause is, why people care about it, and specifically what these donations will help to accomplish.
  2. Is it your Birthday? – Make the moment even more meaningful by giving something back to your community. Two weeks before your birthday, you will see a message from Facebook in News Feed giving you the option to create a fundraiser. Select the cause you care about, add in a fundraising target and then build momentum by getting the word out to your friends.
  3. Use the donate button – It couldn’t be easier. Simply visit the page of your chosen charity and click the donate button – a quick and easy way to make a difference and show your support.

Find out more information on how to use Facebook’s fundraising tools here