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01st Mar 2018

ESB are reporting power outages across the ENTIRE country

Be prepared

Olivia Hayes

Charge your phones, laptops and anything else you need now.

The ESB has confirmed a number of power outages across the whole country

Its website is reporting that there have been electrical faults in Meath, Dublin, Kildare and Donegal.

So far, more than 700 people were without power in Navan, and more than 2,000 people in Glasmore were also affected today.

A statement on the ESB website reads: “ESB Networks  are continuing to monitor the deteriorating weather situation and its potential impact on the electricity network.”

“As part of the National Emergency Co-Ordination Group ESB Networks has been working with the emergency services to ensure the safety of the public during this period and putting  plans in place to address any damage to electricity services.”

ESB has also laid out guidelines of what to do if you experience a power outage:

  • Check if your neighbours are without power, or if your street lighting is not working. If either of these is the case, call the number below.
  • Check if your trip switch is in the ‘on’ position or if your fuses have blown. If your trip switch has operated or a fuse has blown, turn off all your appliances before resetting the switch or replacing the fuse

The company is advising its customers to charge their phones, laptops and whatever else they might need in case they are left without power for the night.


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