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10th Sep 2017

Dublin Fire Brigade share scary pic of hair straightener left plugged in

Always switch your straightener off after use.

Denise Curtin

Are you a culprit of this?

We all can be forgetful sometimes, especially when it’s a last minute tear to pull yourself out of the shower and quickly get ready before leaving to go to work or on a night out.

More often than not, a hair straightener is part of this quick routine. But the scary truth lies in the number of people who forget while in a hurry, to turn these devices off and end up causing serious damage.

A picture recently shared by the Dublin Fire Brigade, shows exactly that.


Hair straighteners can reach a peak heat of 280 degrees and leaving them switched on and unattended can result in serious consequences.

Only a few years ago, a women had to be rescued from her apartment in North London after she collapsed from the smoke caused by a hair straightener which started a blaze on her sitting room laminate wooden floor. The women had to be rushed to hospital and treated.

Remember to always plug out your hair straightener from the wall after use and allow to cool down on tiles or a heat mat, out of the reach of children.

You can purchase a heat mat on the Argos website here.