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19th Apr 2022

Dublin airport apologises over “vile” baby changing facilities images

Parents were stunned over the condition it was left in.

Dublin Airport has been slammed over its “vile” baby changing facilities.

One woman posted multiple images of the baby changing area in the airport’s bathrooms and they’ve been left in a pretty horrible condition.

In the image, there are dirty nappies and rubbish piled up on top of the bin. There are even dirty nappies beside the sink.

Veron Elliot posted about the shocking set up.

She wrote, “This is the condition of a baby changing area @DublinAirportT1 at gate 110 this morning.”

People couldn’t believe the state of the baby changing area. Many mums said it was extremely unhygienic and dangerous too.

Leaving it in such a dirty condition could cause germs to spread.

One person wrote, “This is absolutely disgraceful & appalling for any person going to change their baby. Hope it’s sorted out ASAP.”

“That is absolutely disgraceful. It looks like it wasn’t cleaned for days. Surely others complained too. Appalling & Unacceptable,” another added.

“That is vile,” another parent wrote.

Dublin Airport addressed the images and stressed that the area has since been cleaned, but it never should have been in that condition in the first place.

The airport said their cleaning partners will ensure this never happens again.

It tweeted, “Our sincere apologies that you were met with this scene earlier. We reported the issue to our cleaning partners and we’re pleased to report it has now been resolved.”

The airport said their cleaning staff will also be more vigilant when cleaning this area.

However, parents are still furious over the state it was left in. One also pointed out how wrong it was of the parents not to use nappy bags.

Feature Image: Vernon Elliott/Twitter.