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18th Jul 2017

Donald Trump is having a strange effect on America’s tourist industry

We didn't see this coming.
Trump bump tourism

Last year, it was predicted that US tourism would experience a ‘Trump slump’ once Donald Trump became president.

The assumption originally came after Trump’s announcement of a Muslim travel ban and his strong anti-immigration stance.

But now experts are saying that American tourism could actually be going through a ‘Trump bump.’

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According to the US Travel Association, more people have travelled to the States during April and May this year than they did in 2016.

Statistics released by the travel industry representatives show a 4 percent increase in travel to the US in April, and a 5 percent increase in May.

CEO of the association, Roger Dow, has said that he was not expecting travel numbers to rise.

“Right now we cannot identify a loss. It’s contrary to everything we’ve heard, but travel is in slightly better shape than it was a year ago. Everyone wants me to tell the story of the sky is falling, but for the travel industry, the sky is not falling.”

He also added that the “impending doom hasn’t manifested itself,” as so many predicted that it would.

Trip to the States, anyone?