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09th Jul 2021

Dogs Trust seeking loving home for Mastiff with ‘Wobblers Syndrome’

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Our heart’s are breaking with this one.

Dogs Trust has sent out an urgent appeal to find a special home for Smokey the seven-month-old Mastiff.

Smokey’s Canine Carers spotted an issue while he was walking and after a trip to the vet, Smokey was diagnosed with a spinal condition called Wobblers Syndrome.

This condition affects a dog’s neck and upper back, making Smokey a bit more clumsy than other dogs. The condition will progress further, but it is unknown how long it will take.

Dogs with Wobblers can find it hard to walk or stand, so anyone who adopts Smokey needs to be well prepared for a dog with a shorter life span.


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Dogs Trust are looking for “an adult only family with children over 16 years of age, to give him a home for however long his life may be.”

Smokey is described as a “loveable big softy”, but can be sensitive at times. He’s giddy and playful, so you’ll definitely have the time of your life raising this pup.

He loves “running and racing around with other dogs and playing tug with his favourite people,” and his favourite things are “playing fetch, getting belly rubs and food.”

Dogs Trust is looking for a home with a large and secure garden with a lot of grass for Smokey to have a softer surface to play on, and if you already have a dog that’s no problem, Smokey is happy to make new pals.

With a few meetings at their Finglas Centre, Smokey is said to be the perfect addition for any family that will take him, and if he’s what you’re looking for, you can call the Rehoming Team on 01 879 1000 (option 2).