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24th Mar 2018

Despite best efforts, Dublin Airport’s Hare Emma has passed away

RIP Hare Emma

Olivia Hayes

RIP Hare Emma.

If you were following the story when the Beast of the East hit Ireland, then you’ll know that a Dublin Airport security man found Emma freezing on the runway.

The tiny brown hare was found covered in snow at Dublin Airport by a K9 team during the fierce snow of early March. She was retrieved by an airport worker, who filmed the rescue.

We were all rooting for her, but you’ll be sad to hear that Hare Emma has passed away.

Hare Emma seemed to be thriving in the care of the Airport workers – and was unknowingly adored by fans all around the world (yep, the little tiny hare made international headlines).

However, it wasn’t meant to be for the little creature – as Dublin Airport confirmed on social media Friday evening.

The social media team took to Twitter to share the news of Emma’s passing, alongside a note mentioning their continued work with the Irish National Parks & Wildlife Service.

We were really rooting for the little one. But, it has to be said that the team at Dublin Airport put up a good fight to save her.