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09th Aug 2016

‘The Daily Mail’s’ Tom Daley front page has angered a lot of people

Something is missing here...

Ben Kiely

Tom Daley won a bronze medal for Team Great Britain in the men’s 10 metre synchronised diving last night.

What’s missing from that statement?

You’re right. One person cannot win a synchronised event. In order to be synchronised, you need to synchronise with a partner. In this case, the other bronze medal winner was Daniel Goodfellow, but rather cruelly, the Olympic medalist was completely left off the ‘Daily Mail’s’ front page story.

Daley and Goodfellow began training together last October and clinched only GB’s eighth Olympic diving medal after pipping Germany to third place in a tense finish. China’s Lin Yue and Chen Aisen, the pre-competition favourites, won gold by a comfortable margin.

Although the British public are overjoyed with the pair’s incredible achievement, the front page snub left a bitter taste in some people’s mouth. The general consensus is that only one half of the team is getting the credit they both deserve.