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22nd Feb 2018

So this is what cigarette packaging will look like in Ireland from now on

It will be mandatory from September 2018.

Denise Curtin

The Department of Health issued a statement today.

Posting an image and press release to Twitter, it explained that from September 2018 – all cigarette packaging will be “plain” branding no logos or colours and instead every cigarette, regardless of the brand, will be packaged in “the same neutral packaging, bringing in to focus the health warnings on the packets.”

Many stores nationwide are now already selling the plain branded cigarettes with every shop throughout Ireland to have them by September 2018.

Minister Byrne spoke about this new law saying that the packaging was to “decrease the appeal of tobacco” and “reduce the chances of consumers being misled about the harmful effects of smoking”.

You can read all about the new “Tobacco Free Ireland” law here.