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12th Oct 2017

This is when the Christmas lights will be switched on in Dublin

And it's surprisingly not as early as we thought...

We’re starting to hear jingle bells…

There’s more than two months to go until Christmas.

And while it feels like that’s kind-of-sort-of wayyyy too early to be thinking of anything festive, we can’t help but feel a bit excited at the news that Dublin’s Christmas lights will be flickering on soon.

The Dublin at Christmas Facebook page confirmed on Thursday that the lights on the capital will be switching on on November 19.

They captioned the post:

“Dublin at Christmas will light up the city on Sunday, November 19th. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks. It’s going to be MAGICAL!”

And it sounds like they’ve got more in store for the magical festive celebration, as they promised “more details in the coming weeks”.

Dublin At Christmas recently started the preparations for the festive lights – but confirmed that while the bulbs may be going up, they definitely won’t be lit for a few more weeks.

According to one of the spokespeople for the website, the early start on the holiday displays is because of the volume of lights and the need to test them.

More than 30 streets across the capital will be transformed into a winter wonderland this year, while every single light and fixture has to be tested to make sure it’s ready to go in time.

They added:

“We have several contractors working on the run up to the Christmas period to ensure #DublinTown looks magical for all to enjoy.”

Image via Ireland’s Content Pool/Tourism Ireland.