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14th Aug 2020

Caroline Foran welcomes baby boy 10 days ahead of schedule

Such a gorgeous name too!

Massive congrats!

A massive congratulations are in order for author and podcaster Caroline Foran who, along with her husband Barry, have welcomed their first baby to the world.

Announcing the news on her Instagram, Caroline also revealed the name of the new arrival, check out this adorable little man:

We recently spoke to Caroline about the struggles she faced during lockdown and the importance of being compassionate to yourself, pregnant or not!

“There have been some challenges, obviously there’s that added layer of anxiety around the virus and feeling isolated and not having people around. I did miss the support of my friends and my mammy in the early days. I’ve had a very tough pregnancy, I’ve been very sick, so I really was missing the support of my mammy before I became a mammy myself.”

Before the birth, Caroline also talked about the restrictions in place during lockdown and the challenges with not having your partner present:

“I am a bit nervous about actually giving birth because there are measures still in place. Barry can come in but after the first hour he has to go. Lots of women I’ve spoken to who have had babies are saying that that’s the dream, that I’ll want to be on my own and not want to share the baby, so maybe it won’t be too bad!”

We’re thrilled for the new parents and wish them all the luck in the world with baby Caelan Anthony Doyle!