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16th Aug 2019

Brightly coloured street art is popping up throughout The Liberties and we’re intrigued

Louise Carroll


It’s looking pretty sweet too.

One of the oldest and most culturally-rich neighbourhoods in Dublin is being splashed with bright rust-coloured street art.

Yep, with the beautiful Liberties seeing so many new developments and an influx of visitors, everyone’s delving into its incredible history, taking part in numerous activities in the area and there seems to be a phenomenal interest in highlighting the stories of the past.

After all, it’s the home of numerous traditional Dublin pubs plus top attractions like Saint Patrick’s Park, Marsh’s Library, the remains of the old City Wall at Cornmarket, the Guinness Storehouse, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin Castle, Christchurch Cathedral and the Chester Beatty Library, to name just a few.

So, what’s all this street art about you might ask? Well, we hope to be able to reveal. Each piece of street art has its own unique QR code that passersby can scan with their mobile to find out more.

So, we whipped out our phones, scanned the QR code the street art provided, and we were led to these short videos.



Ever heard of these lads before?

The Liberties, once situated outside of the city walls, had its very own set of laws, giving rise to a cultural hub that was different from all the rest — hence the name ‘liberties’. Undoubtedly, this gave rise to various forms of entertainment and personalities we simply wouldn’t find anywhere else, and clearly, there’s someone especially embracing the history of this renowned neighbourhood. After all, it’s so important we keep the stories belonging to the area alive, and surely there are plenty of others out there who want to see the same.

It’s true, The Liberties had its fair share of marvellous eccentric characters that helped make it what it was in the past and what keeps us fascinated even today.

For now, we know there’s something emerging from one of the oldest and most beautiful places in Dublin, for sure!