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09th Dec 2021

Kathleen Moore: Body of missing woman found near boyfriend’s home in US

Jade Hayden

Kathleen Moore’s remains were discovered this week.

The body of a missing woman has been found near her boyfriend’s home in the US.

Kathleen Moore was reported missing in late November after being last seen at her boyfriend Collin Knapp’s home in New Port Richey, Florida.

According to reports, the couple had been seen arguing before Knapp claimed that Moore left his home wearing a backpack. Her remains were discovered near Knapp’s home earlier this week, according to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that Moore’s remains were positivity identified one day after Knapp was arrested in connection with the death. Discarded evidence was discovered outside the 30-year-old’s home some days after Moore was reported missing.

According to police, Knapp has been described as “cold” and “uncooperative.”

Sheriff Chris Nocco said earlier this week: “We have the evidence. We have Kathleen now. If he wants to make a positive difference in someone’s life, help the family out now and answer their questions. That’s the only thing he can do that would be a positive.

“Our hearts and prayers pour out to the family and friends of Kathleen Moore. I know you were all searching for a better resolution, and we all were, but unfortunately, this is what we have.”

Kathleen was reported missing by friends and family on November 29 when she stopped responding to text messages and posting on social media.

Her phone had been found in a bin by a homeless man in the area, who said that he answered the phone when he heard it ringing.

Moore’s close friend Jessica Brumett told the Washington Post that she and Moore’s friends and family had spent days searching a wooded area before the 34-year-old’s remains were discovered.

She added that she believed the case should have garnered more attention. She said: “She is someone who does matter. Just because somebody’s not an influencer, a politician or a celebrity, they matter.”

Brumett said that she last saw her friend in her own home on Thanksgiving before she left with Knapp. She said that she wished she could have noticed red flags in the relationship.

“I should have known because she was so worried about me approving of him, which should have been a sign,” she said.

Knapp remains in custody.