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07th Apr 2017

Beard transplants are a thing (and a reality TV star just paid A LOT of cash for one)

The beard trend has officially gone too far.

Keen to nab himself the hipster accessory every man worth his topknot and check shirt is currently rocking, Geordie Shore star Kyle Christie has done something rather unnerving.

The 24-year-old has undergone a 12-hour beard transplant.

Having split with his girlfriend Holly Hagan, the TV personality blew a whopping €10k on the procedure to enhance his facial fuzz at the Hair Transplant Centre in Liverpool.

It’s not the first time Kyle has turned to doctors to change his appearance, having had a hair transplant last year.

The operation involved the removal of 2,000 follicles from the nape of his neck, after which they were grafted onto his chin, cheeks and upper lip.

If the follicles take, doctors estimate that Kyle could have a full beard within 18 months.

Dr Kumari of the Hair Transplant Centre told the Mirror that Kyle designed his own hairline after becoming frustrated with his patchy beard growth:

“He had a confidence problem. Obviously he’s a telly guy and he wants to look his best,” Dr Kumari said.

“He wanted his beard to look more filled out – just for his self-esteem, he doesn’t want to feel low about it.”

We don’t know where to look.

Images: Dr Jyotsna Kumari