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06th May 2022

Australian girl found unconscious after she was left on bus in 29°C heat

She was left on the bus for 6 hours.

An Australian girl was found unconscious after she was left on a school bus for six hours.

As The Guardian reports, 3-year-old girl Neveah Austin was reportedly left there in 29 degree heat.

She was rushed to hospital in a critical condition but thankfully, she is improving. Doctors have told reporters she is in a stable condition but remains in ICU.

The toddler was found on a bus just outside her daycare in Queensland, Australia. According to police, the little girl was the only passenger on the daycare bus.

However, the driver and a staff member somehow forgot about her.

Australian police stated, “It would appear she was the only child at the time. When they returned to the centre, the driver and one other person on the bus have forgotten she was there.”

Investigators have promised to leave no stone unturned in this investigation.

Nevaeh had a deep brain scan and emergency kidney treatment at Brisbane Hospital.

Her father confirmed his daughter is doing as well as can be. The young girl’s grandmother, meanwhile, has said that she is “breathing on her own”.

They have remained at her bedside since she was rushed to the hospital.

Police said Le Smileys Early Learning Centre is now under investigation. The daycare centre is co-operating “to a degree” but has sought legal advice.

The daycare centre can remain open during the investigation, but it has been declared a crime scene. Similarly, the bus has also been declared a crime scene and cannot be used until the investigation is over.