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19th Sep 2016

This video of an athlete helping his exhausted brother finish a race is just amazing


Nooruddean Choudry

He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.

The World Triathlon Series in Mexico ended in dramatic fashion as Britain’s Jonny Brownlee stopped his brother Alistair from collapsing near the finish line, to help him to complete the race.

The medalling Olympians were racing in the claustrophobic heat of Cozumel, a small Mexican island in the Caribbean Sea known for its intense humidity, and had been running for 1hr 45mins.

With the finish line just 700 metres away, Alistair, who won gold in Rio, was in the lead with brother Alistair, who won silver, in third. But it soon became apparent that the older sibling was struggling.

Alistair began weaving across the road and looked as pale as a sheet. With his eyes rolling back, it was clear that he was close to blanking out. Thankfully his younger bro was at hand to help out.

As South African Henri Schoeman took the lead, Jonny Brownlee grabbed his brother and propped him up for the final few metres, to wild applause. Upon the finish, he threw his brother over the line.

Humble Alistair claimed it was “a natural human reaction”, explaining that he’d have “done the same thing for anyone in that position.” His brother was rather more grateful. He posted this tweet from hospital afterwards commended his sibling’s loyalty.

Schoeman may have won the race, but the Brownlee brothers have gained a few more fans around the world due to their unique bond. All together now: Awwwwwww!