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09th Jun 2014

Apple Planning to Launch Health Monitoring Smart Watch

The watch is expected to launch in October.


Apple are set to launch its next generation of mobile devices, and it seems a smart-watch is on the cards for the tech giant.

The unveiling of a smart-watch to rival competitions Samsung and Sony is expected in October, where it is likely the device will use a new HealthKit technology that Apple will release under iOS 8.

It is believed the watch will be able to monitor health-related data including calorie consumption, blood-oxygen levels, sleep activity and blood-glucose levels.

According to Silicon Republic, Apple is planning to produce between three and five million of its new wearable health devices per month.

Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed at the recent Apple Worldwide Developers Conference that over 800 million iOS devices have been sold to date, including over 100 million iPod touch devices, 200 million iPads and 500 million iPhones.

Cook also confirmed that iOS 8 is the biggest release of the platform since the launch of the App Store.