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03rd Nov 2017

Another airline has started to weigh passengers before they board their flight

Passengers are not happy about this

It’s causing major uproar.

The Finnish airline, Finnar told CNBC that it has asked nearly 200 passengers to weigh in before flights from Helsinki Airport this week.

And not weigh in their bags, but their bodies.

It told the publication that it needs 2,000 travelers to weigh in to get an accurate read on passenger weights as well as carry-on bag weight.

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The apparent ‘study’ will take place until spring 2018, and will take into account when passengers bring “heavy winter coats” to cold climates.

The airline said: “We have a strong safety culture at Finnair, and are also a very data-driven organization, so we want to ensure we have the best possible data in use in aircraft performance and loading calculations.

“Now we feel it is time to update the data, as our traffic has developed and grown a lot. We have a very international customer base, as many of our customers transfer with us between Europe and Asia, and then we have our domestic traffic as well.”

How do you feel about this?