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05th Jan 2024

Stacey Solomon praised for body-positive message to fans alongside holiday pics

Sophie Collins

Stacey Solomon

Stacey looks amazing!

People are hailing Stacey Solomon for her confidence and beauty in her latest Instagram post.

The 34-year-old shared pictures from her family trip to the Caribbean over Christmas showcasing her ‘real body’ with zero editing.

The mum-of-five is well-known for keeping it real on her social media platform and has garnered 5.8 million followers as a result.

Stacey shared the picture after being given the bikini as a surprise from husband, Joe Swash – who joked that it was more so a gift for him than her.

She told fans: “A moment on the grid for ‘my’ Christmas present from Joe *cough* from Joe to Joe. My new bikini. Pretty sure he bought this from a costume shop in a Baywatch packet. But I actually like it. 

“Not my usual choice of swimwear. But I can honestly say I’ve never felt so attended to since we got here. It’s working wonders with beach drinks.”

Stacey went on to say: “And this is an on-site as to what Joe’s camera roll looks like right now. He’s spent his day enjoying his present to me. Anyway this is the ‘F**k it’ year, so posting these because, Well f**k it why not.”

Ending with a body positive message, she wrote: “And just a little note to say… wear the bikini. Your body deserves to wear what you put in it. As long as makes you happy who cares! 

“Plus you might find yourself getting ALL the drinks down on the beach @realjoeswashy.”

Lots of famous friends and fans were quick to comment and praise Stacey for her message.

Vicky Pattison responded with: “Babe,” followed by a heart eyes emoji. 

Meanwhile hundreds of fans responded with messages of support.

One fan wrote: “If I looked like that in that bikini I’d wear it on the school run and the weekly food shop.”

Another said: “Your pickles are all lucky to have you as their mama; but in particular for your girls, your body positivity will help them so much as they grow up, in a world that makes you critique your body for even the slightest “imperfection”. Keep showing them that “f**k it” is the best way to increase your happiness.”

A third added: “I think Joe knows how amazing you look and is making you see this be loud and proud of your body it housed your babies.”