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06th Apr 2021

Aldi’s outdoor hot tubs to return to shops this weekend

BRB, just joining the queue now.

Aldi’s middle-aisle continues to be a source of delight. You just never really know what you’re going to find there. Wetsuits? Sewing machines? Garden furniture? Anything is possible.

As it turns out, the middle aisle will go above and beyond this weekend, as Aldi’s highly sought-after hot tubs are set to return to the supermarket.

That’s right, the Intex Spa Pool will be back in stores on 11 April, just as the Irish weather starts heating up.

Additionally, these hot tubs are a serious bargain. At just €399.99, they won’t break the bank.

Oh, you better believe I’m hopping in the queue as we speak.

On their website, the German supermarket outlines just how essential this hot tub is.

“Ease away the stress of the day, and unwind in this innovative Intex Spa Pool,” they write.

“This octagon spa pool with 135 bubble jets and heated air bubbles will make you feel like you’re in a luxury spa instead of your back garden.

“Featuring headrests, test strips, insulated and lockable cover, 2 filter cartridges, ground cloth, chemical dispenser and carry bag.

“Create magical memories and unforgettable moments in the comfort of your own home.”

On top of that, the Aldi hot tub comes with a three year guarantee, so you’re essentially sorted until 2024.

Given that we can’t really be jetting off on our holidays anytime soon, it’s safe to say that these bad boys could make the staycation much better.

I can picture it now – sipping homemade mojitos in the hot tub on a balmy 12 degree Irish summer day. Heaven.

Now, fair warning, these precious gems do not hang around on the shelves for long. Once they’re gone they’re gone, so start limbering up now.

The Intex Spa Pool will arrive in Aldi this Sunday 11 April.