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14th Nov 2016

An Irish boy was saved by a dog after getting trapped in the tumble dryer

So lucky.

A little boy has been saved by the family dog after getting trapped in a tumble dryer.

Reilly, a five-year-old boy from Banger, Co. Down, climbed into the tumble dryer while his mum was hoovering the house. Once he was in the machine he closed the door and became trapped with the machine in action.

Teddy, the family’s pet dog, raised the alarm by alerting the mum that something was wrong. She ran out to the utility room and was able to stop the machine and free Reilly.

He was rushed to hospital and luckily escaped without any life threatening injuries.

According to RTÉ, Reilly suffered burns to his head, back and arms. His father Aaron has issued a warning to parents about the incident saying:

“What concerns me about this situation is the tumble dryer started automatically when the door closed. I want to make other families with young children aware of what happened.”

It’s not the first time Teddy saved the family after he previously alerted them to an iPhone charger catching fire in an adjoining room.