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01st Jun 2022

9-year-old girl survives cougar attack in US

Katy Brennan

The girl was left with severe injuries to her upper body and face.

A nine-year-old girl managed to survive a rare cougar attack in the US this weekend.

The cougar attacked the girl, named only as Lily, on Saturday morning while she was on a camping trip with her family in Washington.

Lily was airlifted to the hospital following the attack and suffered injuries, including scrapes and bruises, to her upper body and face.

After several hours of surgery, she remained in intensive care overnight under doctor’s supervision.

Lily’s uncle, Alex Mantsevich, set up a GoFundMe to help the family pay for her medical care.

On Monday, he posted an update, alongside some graphic images of Lily in hospital, which read: “Lily is still in ICU, but out of a coma. She is fully aware of what happened to her, she can speak clearly, think clearly, move her arms and legs.

“She talks to her Mom and Dad. Lots of recovery ahead. Praying for full recovery with no side effects.”

According to the State Environmental Protection Agency only 20 people have been attacked by cougars in the wilds of Washington state since 1924. Two of them died.

An official with the agency told a local TV station that an investigation would be carried out to try to understand the circumstances of the attack on Lily.

The cougar was killed by a person present on the scene. Its body will be analysed for possible diseases.