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09th Feb 2022

2-year-old girl tragically passes away after ‘eating poisoned cookie meant for dog’

Devastating news.

A two-year-old girl has died after eating a poison-laced cookie that was thrown into her family’s garden.

After ingesting the item, Heidy Valeria had two respiratory attacks and was rushed to a local hospital in the municipality of Tototlan, in the Mexican state of Jalisco.

Medics battled to save the toddler over the course of two days but she sadly passed away on 3 February, Telediario reports.

It is believed that the cookie was intended to silence a noisy dog.

Local official Epigmenio Carrillo said the cause of Heidy’s poisoning is yet to be confirmed and is subject to police investigation.

He said another six-year-old girl, who was reportedly playing with Heidy, had been hospitalised with a similar issue but there is no known link between the two cases yet.

The family dog also suffered the same problem.

“The truth is, the news has shocked the whole town,” a local resident said. “In fact, social media erupted when it became known what had happened.”

The tragic event has sparked controversy online, with some Tototlan residents claiming the girl had been poisoned by a disgruntled neighbour targeting the family dog.

Activist and influencer Arturo Islas Allende said: “We lost Valeria, we lost a two-year-old girl, because of some unscrupulous characters who threw poisoned cookies in Tototlan, Jalisco.

“Justice must be done and those cowards must be found.”

Mr Carrillo said these allegations have not been confirmed but that authorities would make an announcement after their investigation.