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17th Sep 2014

Ouch! Sharon Osbourne Goes On Rant About U2

The band made a deal with Apple, rumoured to be in the region of €77 million.

Sharon Osbourne has taken to Twitter to rant about Irish rock group U2, stating that the band are “no longer musicians.”

The former X Factor judge took to her social media account to talk about the recent release of the band’s album. “U2 you are business moguls not musicians anymore,” she tweeted.


“Guys nothing is free, how much you making,” she tweeted. “PS, btw you are just a bunch of middle age political groupies…”

Osbourne backed up her strong feelings towards the band on Tuesday when she appeared on CBS show The Talk.

The problem, she reflected, is that U2 were helping to “set a precedent that music is disposable, it’s just another piece of software and it’s nothing, you should give it away for free.”

She continued: “We’re not all billionaires. So stop with you’re ‘doing us a favour by giving it away for free’. Keep it to yourselves!”

Meanwhile, U2’s Bono has infuriated music and technology lovers this week after he was snapped in Dublin yesterday with what appears to be the new iPhone 6 in his hand.

The lead singer was pictured with the device after Apple users complained about the fact that U2 album Songs of Innocence was made available as a free download.

Bono pictured in Dublin. 

Indeed, the volume of complaints to the technology giant forced Apple to introduce a tool to help users delete the new album from their iTunes library.

The  release (the band’s first in five years) was held in conjunction with the launch of the Apple iPhone 6 and is reported as being the  biggest album release of all time.

U2 made the deal with Apple, rumoured to be worth €77 million, in exchange for the rights to give their album away for free via their iTunes store.