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07th Oct 2021

Adele said that her anxiety caused her to lose weight

“It was never about losing weight.”

*This article contains references to eating disorders.*

Singer-songwriter Adele has spoken about her experience with anxiety, and how it caused her to lose weight.

In her interview with Vogue – the star graces the cover on both the US and UK edition this month – Adele opened up about her anxiety, and how it led her to become “addicted” to working out.

She said: “It was because of my anxiety. Working out, I would just feel better.

“It was never about losing weight, it was always about becoming strong and giving myself as much time every day without my phone.”

The Hello singer added: “I got addicted to it. I work out two or three times a day.”

When asked about how her anxiety is doing now, she said: “I definitely learnt a lot of tools in my therapy, but I also just go with it. I find the anxiety gets worse when you try and get rid of it.”

Adele’s interview with Vogue comes one week ahead of her highly anticipated single, Easy On Me.

Earlier this week, the singer announced her eagerly awaited music comeback after six years. Her last album, 25, came out in 2015.

Fans started speculating that new music was on the way from Adele after she changed her social media platforms slightly, and included a link to her website in her bio, which asked fans to sign up for more information.

Fans immediately jumped to conclusions when they saw this, and it wasn’t long until #Adele30 began trending.

Adele herself headed to Twitter to officially confirm what fans had suspected, announcing that her latest single Easy on Me will be released on 15 October.

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