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18th Jan 2018

A woman asked Siri if a boy would ever text her back and it did not end well


Jade Hayden

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There are a lot of things people tend to ask Siri.

When does the nearest Apache Pizza open? Can you add this person to my contacts please? Will this or any boy ever text me back or am I destined to be alone forever?

(A better question to ask would probably be “does anybody actually use Siri anymore?” but sure look, who are we to judge?)

One woman who asked at least one of the above questions is Twitter user, Ceci.

Not entirely content with the fact that some lad couldn’t give her a text back (been there), Ceci decided to ask helpful and kind Siri whether he would ever get in touch with her.

But instead of giving her a standard, yet sassy, reply, Siri just went ahead and decided to send a message to that boy asking if he was ever going to text Ceci back.



Understandably, Ceci wasn’t all that impressed with what went down… or the fact that Siri ratted her out for being bitter.

On Twitter, she wrote:

Yeah, sounds about right, Ceci.

Now, there are a few ways that people tend to respond when they are called out for not texting back.

From personal experience, they either apologise profusely, tell you how pretty you are, and you both move on with your lives and eventually get married and have about eight children together.

… Or, they leave you on read.

This guy left Ceci on read.


But also understandable considering Ceci’s tweet has been shared over 31,000 times now.

It’s only fair to assume that if this guy did actually reply, his response would be posted up there for the entirety of Twitter to see.

And nobody wants that.


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