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01st Apr 2017

Pornhub terrified EVERYONE (well the people who use their site) with this April Fool’s gag

Alan Loughnane

We bet it caused some heart palpitations earlier…

It’s the first of April, so that means like every other day of the year, you can’t believe everything you read and hear.

But recently we received a whole ocean of data regarding how the people of Ireland use porn from one of the most popular adult websites in the world, Pornhub.

We found out an awful lot about Ireland’s porn habits… including that Cork people are partial to a bit of bondage.

Pornhub, known for being good sports, were not about to let April Fool’s Day pass them by without catching out their users in a bit of light ribbed ribbing.

When users clicked on a video on the site, they were greeted with this message, although we’re sure some of you have seen the message already today… if you get what I’m saying.